Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Website in a Weekend




I know. You may not feel like you know enough to create a website.

But I also don't feel like a "technical" person, and even after running an online publication for more than a decade, I still don't know a single line of code.

When I was starting out, building a website was an expensive process that involved coders and designers. But website builders these days (like Squarespace) have given me the ability to publish websites fast, and launch (or even just test) new ideas with minimal cost and technical skill.

If I can do this, that means you can do this too. Swear. So let's build a business! (Or a portfolio website... that's good too.)

  • A 10-step guide to the website creation process
  • A checklist of the 10 things you *must* include on your site
  • My personal resource and tools list—if it's something that I use to create websites for my projects, you'll find it right here
  • Design, copy, and tech mini-guides and pro-tips.
  • Psst—those tech tips are Squarespace-centric, but almost everything is translatable to other website builders.

...and more.


Your Step-By-Step Guide to Building Your Website. In One Weekend.

The beauty of starting a business online is that you can do so with minimal effort and capital, and leverage your online presence to build a community who genuinely give a shit about what you are doing.

And while you can start that process on social media, you are going to need a website in about two seconds.

Why? Firstly, your potential audience, clients and/or customers trust a 'real' website.

Secondly, unlike social media, a website is a platform you OWN. It can't be taken away from you through overzealous censorship or the closing of a platform. It can be an ever-changing canvas where you can tell the story of yourself, your career, your brand... or any story you want.

A website also lets you collect emails, sell products, and direct visitors towards the actions you want them to take.

It is your calling card, and you need one ASAP. So let's sit down and make it happen.

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Hi, I'm Meg Keene.

I'm a best-selling author. An (actual) boss. A hustler. Builder. Permission slip giver. Feet first jumper. MOT. Mom of two. Enneagram three. Firecracker. Seer of Thestrals.

I help women and femme business owners create profitable, sustainable, enjoyable businesses.

I hope you'll share photos of your brand new website with me by tagging @practicalbusinessschool on IG, or hit reply on your guidebook email to send us a link or ask us a question. We can’t wait to see what you create.

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